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In general

What are the Effie Awards?

The Effie Awards are an award that recognizes and rewards effective marketing communications. They stand for verifiable and effective marketing ideas and campaigns.

How are my sensitive data and submissions protected?

The Effie Awards are committed to protecting your privacy. The members of the Effie management and the jury members must sign confidentiality agreements. With the confidentiality agreement, they commit themselves to treat the content of the submitted cases confidentially.

By submitting your case, you confirm that you accept Effie Switzerland's terms of participation and that you submit the declarations contained therein as a submitter.

Insofar as your submission or parts of these copyrighted works include, by submitting, you grant Effie Switzerland simple, temporal, spatial and content rights of use for all purposes of carrying out the Effie Awards Switzerland.

This granting of rights includes in particular the right to submit the cases submitted (including the Creative Show Case PDFs) or parts of them in connection with the Effie Competition, the Awards Ceremony and the Effie Awards in the press, in newspapers, in magazines, on the Internet, in books (e.g. in the Effie Book), on social media channels, on television, as electronic copies on data, video and audio media and for all others to use and exploit types of use that are currently known or will become known in the future.

Can I see examples of successful campaigns?

The Effie International website provides case studies and examples of previous winning campaigns as a reference. In addition, the LSA can Books from last year's Effie Awards be ordered.


When do I have to submit my campaign?

Start of tenders: March 11, 2024

Final deadline: Friday, May 31, 2024, 18:00

When will the winners be announced?

The timelines for announcing winners may differ depending on the Effie program. Check out the timeline for Effie Awards 2024 for specific data.


How is the effectiveness of a campaign assessed?

A jury of experienced experts will evaluate the submissions based on strategy, implementation and results. The evaluation method is rigorous and focuses on demonstrable success.

How can I ensure that my campaign has the best chance of winning?

It is important that you tell a clear and comprehensible story of your campaign effectiveness, supported by quantitative and qualitative data.


How can I submit my campaign for the Effie Awards?

The cases are submitted online at, where you can create an account and upload all relevant information and evidence about your campaign.

Who can submit to the Effie Awards?

Companies, agencies, media companies, and individuals who have developed and implemented campaigns that have clear results and successes.

Can several agencies submit a campaign together?

Yes, collaborations and partnerships are allowed. However, the submission should clearly show the contributions of all stakeholders. However, a single work cannot be submitted by different organizations/main submitters as different cases in the same category. The teams must work together on the case. Different teams can take the lead when they submit the same work in different categories.

Can I submit a campaign in multiple categories?

Yes, as long as each submission meets the specific requirements of each category. A case can be submitted in a maximum of two different categories.

Can I still change my submission after it has been submitted?

Changes after the official submission deadline are generally not possible. Therefore, please check your information carefully before submitting.

Which criteria must submissions meet?

Each campaign must have clearly defined goals, creative strategies, execution, and measurable results. Campaign effectiveness is key.

All marketing measures that take place in Switzerland between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023 have been carried out are eligible to participate.

  • All marketing cases, whether complete campaigns or individual measures within a campaign, are eligible to participate.
  • Please note the eligibility period: January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023. Results from after December 31, 2023 must not be included. Results from the period before January 1, 2022 can be used as an explanation of correlations.
  • The data/results presented must be based exclusively on the Swiss market Refer, say the added value The case must in the switzerland have been done. The proofs of success must therefore relate to the Swiss market and must be shown for Switzerland.

Are there different categories I can submit for?

Yes, there are various categories that are tailored to industries, target groups and communication goals. Details can be found on the page Effie Awards 2024.

Is there a way to pause the submission process and resume it later?

In most cases, you can pause the process and log back in later to complete your submission. To prepare, it is recommended to download the Entry Form template (see download area). This includes a submission form that can be used to design your answers and work with team members, partner agencies, and clients. In the submission portal, you must then copy your answers to each of the four questions on the submission form into the corresponding form fields well in advance of your final deadline. Please allow sufficient time for this and for other form fields.

What formats and file sizes are allowed for uploading materials?

The Effie Awards have specific requirements for file formats and sizes, which are included in the Entry Form Template.

How much does it cost to submit a campaign?

Early bird deadline: Friday, April 19, 2024, 11:59 p.m.
LSA members: 895.- CHF
Non-LSA members: 1'295.- CHF

Final deadline: Friday, May 31, 2024, 18:00
LSA members: 1'295.- CHF
Non-LSA members: 1'695.- CHF

All fees are exclusive of VAT

Further fees for the Effie book
As soon as your case reaches finalist status, you are required to publish your case on at least two pages in the Effie book. A separate call for tenders will be issued at the appropriate time with all important information, costs and instructions for providing printable files.