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Inspiring and successful stories are sought after. Submissions for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2024 are now open. All information can be found on this page.

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Case submission

Submissions for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2024 are now open. The deadline is May 31, 2024.

As is well known, good preparation is half the battle. It starts with the choice of case and categories. To prepare the cases, you will find the entry form template (case description form) in our downloads, with the content that is queried in the online entry form when submitting. The conditions of participation include binding and exclusive rules and conditions for applying for the prizes advertised by Effie Switzerland and FAQs with helpful tips.

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Entry Form Template

Case description form

Eligibility requirements

Frequently asked questions

The 12 categories

New: We have updated the categories and names!

A case can be submitted in a maximum of 2 categories, with a separate form being completed for each submission. There is also an additional submission fee. Don't forget: At the Effie Awards, it is not creativity or inspiring implementation that is decisive, but successes and impact that have been achieved. More details on categories, metrics and evaluation criteria can be found in Entry Form Template and in the Eligibility requirements and FAQs.


We are looking for successful activations around a limited-time offer — whether it's a promotion, campaign week or election campaign. The results focus on market performance in the form of purchases (quickly realizable sales), participation or votes.

Brand Experience & Partnerships

In this category, we are looking for unconventional or joint brand experiences that were successful:

  • Brand experience beyond traditional marketing, for example digital or physical brand platforms (including trade fairs), services/applications, rooms, events that positively change brand perception. Successful cases show that using the offer has a positive impact on the brand.
  • Successful brand platforms created in collaboration with other brands. From sponsorship to joint products. This either achieves long-lasting communication performance or establishes a new service/product category.
Brand Image

In this category, we evaluate brand campaigns that maintain, defend or maintain brand recognition, profiling or image and do not directly focus on sales goals and quickly realizable sales.

CRM/Loyalty Program

We are looking for long-term customer loyalty activity that has been able to increase customer loyalty and thus customer value and has successfully built customer relationships beyond traditional advertising.

Doing Good/Positive Change

This category shows targeted marketing from brands and non-profit organizations that contributes to the common good in one of the two areas of environmental or social commitment:

  • Environment: The behavior of the audience is demonstrably changing towards more environmentally friendly decisions and/or the demand for more environmentally friendly products and services is being increased.
  • Social commitment: A social problem is (partially) solved or an existing program that benefits society is successfully expanded. The aim of the measures is to create positive social and cultural changes, challenge the established status quo and change accepted norms and stereotypes or create social inequalities. Any effort that wishes to contribute to the common good in any way is eligible to participate as long as there are measurable results.

Employer Branding & Recruiting

The focus is on measures that help a company to establish its image positively in the long term and thus appear as an attractive employer, and internal communication measures also contribute to this.

Timely Opportunity

We are looking for strategic efforts that could produce the desired results with a single significant moment of action. For example, brand, product or service were brought into the spotlight in order to achieve immediate, measurable, unexpected and unconventional effects. Examples include live experiences, stunts and tactics, possibly reinforced by PR, social media, digital interactions, or even the use of spontaneously created content.

Social media/influencer marketing

Here we show how social media or influencer marketing can be successfully used as a primary point of contact or how social media or influencer marketing was the main component of communication.

  • Social media: The campaigns should originate from a social idea or social media should be the only sensitive solution for the respective task. Social activity has demonstrably and significantly influenced business results. Simply running a campaign on social media, among other things, is not enough to qualify.
  • Influencer marketing: The focus is on the choice of the influencers, what they did for the target group and how they were used, as well as which behaviours and successes were influenced by this.

Marketing automation

In the “Marketing Automation” category, we recognize outstanding applications of automated marketing strategies that increase campaign efficiency, improve customer experience, and deliver measurable results in terms of engagement, conversion, and revenue. This category recognizes the innovative use of technology and data to send targeted, personalized, and timely marketing messages across multiple channels.

Media Idea & Media Innovation

This category deals with effective ideas and innovations from implementations in which the media idea or media innovation was the driver for creation or implementation. Media-oriented thinking was the impetus for success.

New New

We are looking for successful trade and purchasing efforts related to the launch of a new product or service, whether it's a new brand, a new product from an existing brand, or an expansion of the product line. Especially after cases where shopper insights were used to overcome obstacles to product/service introduction.

Public Relations

In this category, press and public relations, investor relations or corporate or crisis communication are honored, which have also had a significant impact on the brand.

Shortfacts Cases

The work that is submitted must meet a number of requirements. Detailed information on this topic can be found in the Eligibility requirements.

Campaign or measure?

All marketing measures carried out in Switzerland between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023 are eligible to participate. It doesn't matter whether complete campaigns or individual measures within a campaign.


Please note the eligibility period: January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023. Results from after December 31, 2023 may not be included. Results from the period before January 1, 2022 can be used as an explanation of correlations.

Switzerland only?

The data/results presented must relate exclusively to the Swiss market, i.e. the added value of the case must have taken place in Switzerland. The proofs of success must relate to the Swiss market and must be reported for Switzerland.

Second chance?

If the communication measure to be submitted meets the requirements of the Effie Awards and in particular meets the eligibility requirements relating to the performance period (January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023), it can be resubmitted.


The submitted contributions are assessed in two phases. In both rounds, the jury evaluates the written case and the creative designs. Details of the judging process can be found in the Eligibility requirements.

Two steps to success

The scoring is anonymous and confidential. The jurors' scores determine which entries submitted become finalists and which finalists are awarded an Effie trophy in gold, silver or bronze. Effie trophies are awarded in each category at the judges' discretion. It's possible for a category to produce one or more winners at any level, or perhaps no winners at all — regardless of the number of finalists.

Success system

The evaluation is based on the four sections of the submitted case description, for which the jury awards points. When awarding points, the jury members are required to evaluate the overall effectiveness of a case based on the following four sections:

  • Challenge, context, and goals (23.3% of total points)
    Background and relationships between market, brand, target group, competition and goals
  • Insights and Strategy (23.3% of total points)
    Strategic process, considerations, and success insights
  • Bringing the idea to life (23.3% of total points)
    Presentation of the idea and implementation
  • scores (30% of total points)
    Results and significance of the results for companies, brands and target groups

Grand Effie

The Grand Effie winner represents the one outstanding best case submitted this year. It is both the most effective case of the year and a message to the industry to gain insights for the future. The Gold Effie winners of a year qualify for the Grand Effie Jury. The jury is made up of high-level members. Only with a unanimous vote is a Grand Effie awarded.


The amount of the submission fees depends on the date on which a contribution is submitted. All materials required to submit an entry must be submitted within the specified deadline in order to receive the corresponding prize. We appreciate the understanding that we cannot cover the costs with sponsorship money alone and must therefore collect fees for participants.

Deadlines & costs

Submission date
LSA members
Non-LSA members
Early Bird Deadline
April 19, 2024, 11:59 PM
895.- CHF per case
1'295.- CHF per case
Final Deadline
May 31, 2024, 18:00
1'295.- CHF per case
1,695.- CHF per case

All fees are exclusive of VAT

Further fees for the Effie book
As soon as your case reaches finalist status, you are required to publish your case on at least two pages in the Effie book. A separate call for tenders will be issued at the appropriate time with all important information, costs and instructions for providing printable files.